March 3, 2023

The Ultimate Guide To ABC Diet: Risks, Results, And Meal Plan

Rina Ahluwalia

The ABC Diet is an ultra-restrictive, nutrient-poor crash diet promising fast weight loss over 50 days. While the ABC diet results are extreme, the long-term sustainability is questionable and poses risks to your health. We have provided a comprehensive overview and an ABC diet meal plan as a reference, but it’s not what 5 Minute Body recommends for health.

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The Ultimate Guide To ABC Diet: Risks, Results, And Meal Plan
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What is ABC diet (ANA BOOT CAMP DIET)?

The ABC diet, also known as the Ana Boot Camp Diet, is a restrictive and extremely dangerous weight loss plan.

It involves consuming a very low-calorie diet, typically around 100-400 calories per day, for a period of several weeks.

The ABC diet is not based on sound scientific principles and can lead to various health problems, including malnutrition, electrolyte imbalances, and organ damage.  But if you’re interested in the ABC diet results, we have the ultimate breakdown and an ABC Diet meal plan.

You will see just how unhealthy and restrictive this diet is and should not be recommended as a healthy, sustainable way to lose weight.

How the ABC Diet Works?

The ABC Diet involves 5 distinct phases over 50 days. Typically the calories vary throughout the phases with fasting days incorporated in the program.

We have laid out each phase to help you understand the calore requirement and a (bonus) meal plan to illustrate how to get the most nutrients when consuming minimal calories.

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Phase 1 — The First 10 Days

  • First 2 days, eat only 500 calories per day
  • Day 3 reduce to 300 calories per day
  • Day 4, eat 400 calories per day
  • Day 5, reduce to 100 calories per day
  • Day 6, eat 200 calories per day
  • Day 7-9, increase your calories by 100 per day until you slowly reach 500 calories by day 9
  • Day 10, No food, fast on this day

Phase 2 — Day 11 to Day 20

  • Day 11, eat 150 calories per day
  • Day 12, increase this to 200 calories
  • Day 13, increase to 400 calories
  • Day 14-16, slowly reduce your calories to 350, then 250, then 200 per day.
  • Day 17, Fast
  • Day 18, eat 200 calories
  • Day 19, eat 100 calories
  • Day 20, No food, fast on this day

Phase 3 — Day 21 — Day 30

  • Day 21 - 25, Start with 300 calories, then reduce it by 50 calories a day until you reach 50 calories on Day 25
  • Day 26-27, Eat 100 and 200 calories
  • Day 28, Eat 300 calories
  • Day 29, Eat 800 calories.
  • Day 30, No food, fast on this day

Phase 4 — Day 31 — Day 34

  • Day 31 - 33, Start with 250 calories. Then, slowly each by 100 calories each day for the next 2 days.
  • Day 34, No food, fast on this day

Phase 5 — Day 35 — Day 50

  • Day 35, start with 500 calories
  • Day 36 - 42, reduce by 50 calories each day until you hit 200 calories.
  • Day 43, eat 200 calories.
  • Day 44 - 49, start with 250 calories and reduce it to 200 the following day. Then increased to 300 calories, then reduced to 200 and 150 calories.
  • Day 50, the last day no food, just fast.

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ABC Diet Plan Chart

We have given you a simple snapshot over the 50 days. It is important to note the ABC Diet takes a lot of discipline to follow through. Start with a few days or week 1 and reassess how you feel and if this approach suits you.

Day Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Mon 500 Cal 400 Cal 250 Cal 250 Cal 200 Cal Fast 200 Cal Fast
Tues 500 Cal 500 Cal 200 Cal 200 Cal 300 Cal 500 Cal 200 Cal
Weds 300 Cal Fast Fast 150 Cal 800 Cal 450 Cal 250 Cal
Thurs 400 Cal 150 Cal 200 Cal 100 Cal Fast 400 Cal 200 Cal
Fri 100 Cal 200 Cal 100 Cal 50 Cal 250 Cal 350 Cal 300 Cal
Sat 200 Cal 400 Cal Fast 100 Cal 350 Cal 300 Cal 200 Cal
Sun 300 Cal 350 Cal 300 Cal 200 Cal 450 Cal 250 Cal 150 Cal

Foods To Eat

Like any weight loss program, the ABC diet has rules that must be followed for success.

These include:

  1. Choose a lean protein-rich food such as fish or meat, but not both
  2. Low-calorie fruit and vegetables like berries, broccoli, and cauliflower
  3. Eating small portions divided into 5-6 meals per day
  4. Consume limited alcohol only in the form of martinis, whiskey, or dry wine
  5. Black coffee and tea
  6. Loads for water; hydration is a must on the ABC Diet

Foods To Avoid

Avoiding nutrient-poor foods and beverages is extremely important as you consume very low calories.

These include:

  1. Processed foods
  2. Starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, and pasta
  3. Any form of sugar
  4. Sports drinks
  5. Dessert, even if they are keto-friendly

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ABC Diet 7-Day Meal Plan

As with any other diet plan, we have provided a simple meal plan to get you started. Feel free to switch up the lean protein or low oxalate vegetables. Throughout the course of this program, ensure you are well-hydrated and prioritize high-quality ingredients.

Meals Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast Egg White Omelete Yoghurt With Chia Seeds 1 Egg With 1/4 Avocado Cottage Cheese With Raspberries Yoghurt With Chia Seeds Egg White Omelete Vegetable Soup
Lunch Turkey Bacon On Chicken Egg Salad 100g Chicken Breast + Salad Turkey Bacon On Chicken 100g Snapper + Salad Vegetable Soup 100g Chicken Breast + Salad
Dinner Vegetable Stew Bone Broth Vegetable Soup Bone Broth Vegetable Stew Bone Broth Bone Broth
Snacks Cucumbers
Boiled Egg Strawberries
- 10 Almonds - -

ABC Diet Results?

The ABC Diet will achieve substantial change in your weight within a short period of 50 days.

This diet is tailored to those significantly overweight or obese and has been reported to produce positive results for many individuals over the short term. The expected weight loss over 50 days is 20 pounds. However, we must consider this diet's danger and potential risks.

The drastic changes in calorie intake can cause the body to enter starvation mode, resulting in weight retention rather than a loss after 50 days. Additionally, returning to a regular diet may lead to weight gain after completing the ABC Diet.

Before beginning any restrictive diet, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is safe for you to do so.

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ABC Diet Risks and Side Effects

The "ABC Diet" is a very low-calorie diet that medical professionals do not recommend. It can cause a number of negative side effects, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Cortisol issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Metabolic dysregulation

It can also increase the risk of developing eating disorders and other mental health issues. It is not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight and should be avoided. Instead, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional to develop a safe and effective weight loss plan.

ABC Diet Benefits

The only real benefit of the ABC Diet is quick weight loss. However, it’s crucial to understand this weight loss plan is not sustainable and healthy. Experts suggest after the diet is completed, you may gain the weight back, if not more, due to the restrictive nature of the ABC meal plan.

ABC Diet Exercise

Exercising on a low-calorie diet can be dangerous and cause further health issues.

It is important to note that exercise can benefit weight loss and overall health when paired with a healthy animal-based diet.

Instead of following an extreme and unsupervised diet like ABC, consulting with a registered dietitian or healthcare professional is recommended to develop a healthy, sustainable and balanced diet that meets your nutritional needs and ensures that you get enough nutrients to support your daily physical activity.

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ABC Diet User Reviews

The ABC Diet is quite controversial; as you would expect, most have negative comments.

‘For a regular person with a job and a family requiring time and attention, it's just not realistic.’

‘It's possible, but it is not good for you. He would have been very overweight, and it would have been agony’

‘I had a co-worker tell me her diet success was due to combining the ABC Diet with at least two energy drinks a day and 2-3 solid hours on a treadmill. It got me thinking, though, what are the craziest lengths you've seen or heard about someone doing to lose weight?’

How to Eat ABC diet at Restaurants?

Eating out at restaurants can be difficult when following a strict diet plan. However, many restaurants offer healthier options such as salads, grilled or baked fish or chicken, and vegetable dishes. You can also ask for dressings or sauces on the side and request to have your meal prepared with less oil or butter.

It is important to remember that weight loss should be gradual and sustainable. Crash dieting, including the ABC diet, is not a healthy or sustainable approach, especially when you need to socialize with family and friends.

ABC Diet Shopping List

At 5 Minute Body, we are hesitant to provide a shopping list for this diet, as it is not a healthy or safe way to lose weight. Crash dieting, including the ABC Diet, is not healthy or sustainable. It is important to remember that weight loss should be gradual and sustainable.

However, if you are insistent on trying this crash diet, focus on nutrient-dense lean proteins and vegetables.

  • Chicken, turkey, snapper, or seafood.
  • Berries, like strawberries
  • Low oxalate vegetables, cauliflower,, and broccoli

The obvious macronutrient missing is fat, which is crucial for your hormones and health. Unfortunately, due to the low calories in the ABC Diet, we can’t include any fat - which is why this diet is so unhealthy.

Supplements to Consider on a ABC diet

Supplements are a must on the ABC diet because it’s extremely nutrient-poor. Consider the following as mandatory if you are following an ABC meal plan.

  • Electrolytes
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Good quality salt
  • Vitamin K2
  • Omega 3 fish oils
  • Bone broth

All these can be very costly, so consider a more realistic approach, like an animal-based diet with nutrient-dense foods to feed your body and brain.

Recipe Ideas on a ABC Diet

The 5 Minute Body recommends very simple recipes for this diet, pair a lean protein with some fat to feel satisfied. You can decrease the portion size to meet your calorie requirement.

  1. Scotched eggs (swap out the beef for lean meat)
  2. Egg in a hole (use ground turkey and one yolk)
  3. Breakfast casserole (use ground chicken and bone broth instead of cream)

Best Alternatives to the ABC Diet

The Carnivore diet is the best alternative and provides a long-term sustainable nutrition plan for weight loss and healing.

The Carnivore diet results are spectacular, with benefits like:

  1. Weight loss: A carnivore diet can lead to weight loss due to its high protein content, which can help with appetite control and increase muscle mass.
  2. Improved blood sugar control: Animal-based foods are low in carbohydrates, which can help to regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or metabolic disorders.
  3. Increased energy: Consuming animal-based foods, which are rich in iron, B vitamins, and zinc, can help to boost energy levels and improve overall health.
  4. Improved mental clarity: Eating a diet high in animal-based foods can provide the body with essential nutrients that support cognitive function and mental clarity.
  5. Enhanced athletic performance: Animal-based foods are rich in protein and other nutrients that support muscle growth and recovery, which can help to improve athletic performance.

The Bottom Line

The ABC diet is a very restrictive, crash diet. While you will lose weight fast, most of this will be water weight, and following an ABC meal plan can pose potential long-term risks, damaging your heart, organs, and hormones.

Consider a longer-term nutrition plan, like a Carnivore Diet. You can find much more information here on meal plans, recipes, and advice from Carnivore experts to help guide and support you.

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