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Lynda (age 54)

30 Days Carnivore Results

My life changed when I went 100% Carnivore. Within 30 days my 20 year alcohol & sugar addiction went away.
When I hit 50, I had really bad menopause symptoms - hot flushes, night sweats, and the menopause weight gain around the belly was terrible!
I tried high fat Carnivore and my menopause symptoms went away but I noticed I was getting more fat around the belly. So I decided to prioritize protein and eat fat for satiety (but not overdo it). This is what I learnt from our community. And now I am 50 lbs lighter, have great energy and true food freedom - for life!

  • Improved skin & menopause symptoms
  • Lost 50 lbs
Michelle (age 51)

60 Days Carnivore Results

I spent 26 years trying every diet (you name it, I've tried it!) Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Keto - they all didn't work until I found Carnivore!
I have severe IBS, mood disorders and chronic pain. Within 60 days of Carnivore, all my chronic conditions went away. Also, as soon as I stopped eating the seed oils, vegetables, salads (because they are healthy, right?) I lost 25 lbs without changing anything else.
I also had so much more energy, started lifting heavy and actually entered into my first bodybuilding competition.
Carnivore changed my life and I know it will change yours!

  • Healed IBS & chronic pain
  • Lost 25 lbs

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Explore our Carnivore Diet classes, carefully designed with input from +100 Carnivore doctors and experts to help you make real progress in your health and weight loss goals.

Whether you're just starting or you're already familiar with the Carnivore lifestyle, our program offers easy-to-follow guidance, tailored advice, and a friendly community to support you on your journey.

Christina (age 52)

90 Days Carnivore Results

I suffered from SIBO and insomnia my whole life. I went to doctor after doctor, had endoscopies - they told me to follow the Elemental Diet and drink shakes!
I was suffering and I didn't know what to do until I found Dr Ken Berry on YouTube.
The day I started Carnivore my life changed. My SIBO healed within 90 days, I can now sleep through the night and I am up at 4:30am, ready for the day!
I need lots of energy as I have been a Kindergarden teacher for 26 years in New York, and Carnivore is not just a diet for me - it's given me back my life!

  • Healed SIBO & insomnia
  • Lost 25 lbs

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Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to join for Carnivore Diet transformation?

The best time to join is right now! You're welcome to become a member at any point during the month. Our meetings and classes are structured to ensure that you can seamlessly join, no matter when you decide to be a part of our community. Plus, with replays from previous months available, you won't miss out on any valuable content.

How long can you stay on the Carnivore diet?

The duration one can stay on the Carnivore diet varies widely and depends on individual preferences and goals. Some people have embraced the Carnivore lifestyle for over a decade, finding it suits their long-term needs. Others may adopt the diet for specific healing or weight loss purposes, transitioning to a low-carb or zero-carb lifestyle afterward. Generally, once you've eliminated toxic foods and allowed your body to heal, it becomes challenging to revert to an unhealthy diet due to noticeable side effects. The Carnivore Diet is primarily a healing protocol rather than a quick-fix for rapid weight loss in a week. It prioritizes long-term health and well-being over immediate results.

What is the success rate for the Carnivore Diet?

The success rate of the Carnivore Diet varies based on individual goals and health conditions. For those primarily seeking fat loss and increased muscle mass, results can be seen within a few weeks, unless following a high-fat Carnivore approach for healing purposes. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist who understands this diet, especially if you are currently on medication. Some individuals may need to continue their medication while gradually incorporating the Carnivore Diet, and others may eventually be able to discontinue it under medical supervision. Keep in mind that success on this diet is highly personalized, and monitoring your progress with a healthcare team is advisable to ensure your health and well-being.

How quickly can I see results from the carnivore diet?

The time it takes to see results on the Carnivore Diet varies. Some individuals experience improvements within a few weeks, while others may take up to three months or more. The key factor is your commitment to strict adherence to the diet. Consistency is essential, and it's crucial to prioritize progress over perfection as you monitor your body's response and give it the time needed to realize the full benefits of the carnivore diet.

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