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5 Minute Body Members

Our community helps you stay accountable every week and hit your weight loss goals!

It's been 5 years since I started my journey on carnivore. The one thing that was missing for me was being part of a community. Our weekly meetings allow us to share our experiences, our knowledge as carnivores, and our daily struggles. I encourage you to join!
After doing keto for about 6 months, I learned of Carnivore.  I lost almost 50 pounds. I no longer have inflammation in my joints.  For success, I feel it's necessary to talk with like-minded individuals. You and Christina have become my friends, my support.
Rina's guest speakers are incredible and so knowledgable. Every time I attend a meeting I feel I am learning something new and feel great being understood! We are not weird following a Carnivore lifestyle and there's so many like minded people on the challenges!
Being in the group has made the shift to this lifestyle so much easier. Rina is so knowledgeable and such a great teacher. This way of eating is so beneficial. The group has helped me feel super supported and assist in healing my eating disorder and gut health.
This is my first time joining a Carnivore challenge. I was a bit worried in the beginning but the group is so supportive to keep me going. The 20 pound fat loss was great, but finally getting pregnant after 3 years on Carnivore changed my life!
I have been stalled for 3 months, over fasting and under eating.  I have now been carnivore for about 3 weeks and I have been eating between 1500 (OMAD) and 2000 calories a day and high fat. My energy has been really good and I was rewarded by a drop in the scales!

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