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Being in the group has made the shift to this lifestyle so much easier. Rina is so knowledgeable and such a great teacher. This way of eating is so beneficial. The group has helped me feel super supported and assist in healing my eating disorder and gut health.
It's been 4 years since I started my journey on carnivore. The one thing that was missing for me was being part of a community. Our weekly meat ups allow us to share our experiences, our knowledge as carnivores, and our daily struggles. I encourage you to join!
United States
I have been stalled for 3 months, over fasting and under eating.  I have now been carnivore for about 3 weeks and I have been eating between 1500 (OMAD) and 2000 calories a day and high fat. My energy has been really good and I was rewarded by a drop in the scales!
This is my first time joining a Carnivore challenge. I was a bit worried in the beginning but the group is so supportive to keep me going. The 20 pound fat loss was great, but finally getting pregnant after 3 years on Carnivore changed my life!
After doing keto for about 6 months, I learned of carnivore.  I lost almost 50 pounds. I no longer have inflammation in my joints.  For success, I feel it's necessary to talk with like-minded individuals. You and Christina have become my friends, my support.
United States
Rina's guest speakers are incredible and so knowledgable. Every time I attend a meeting I feel I am learning something new and feel great being understood! We are not weird following a Carnivore lifestyle and there's so many like minded people on the challenges!
United States

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