February 15, 2023

Carnivore Bodybuilding and Fat Loss

Rina Ahluwalia

The Ultimate Carnivore Bodybuilding Fat Loss Guide! Can you Workout and Gain Lean Muscle Eating Zero Carb? The answers are here along with meal plan ideas!

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Carnivore Bodybuilding and Fat Loss
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The Carnivore Diet is a dietary pattern that allows you to eat only meat, fish, and eggs. Proponents of the carnivore diet say it's an effective way to build muscle and lose fat. But how does it work? Does eating nothing but meat really allow you to build muscle faster? Is there a specific workout routine that will help you get results faster than usual? If so, what are they? And most importantly: can you still take pre-workout while on the Carnivore Diet? We'll answer all those questions & more!

Can you build muscle by only eating meat?

The short answer is yes, you can build muscle by only eating meat.

Meat is a great source of protein. It contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs to maintain itself and build muscle, so it's definitely important to include it in your diet if you're trying to gain weight or bulk up. Meat also contains BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), which are three amino acids with specific functions in the body: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These three together make up about 5% of all protein found in meat; they're thought to be particularly helpful for increasing muscle mass when working out regularly because they help prevent muscle breakdown during exercise.

The Carnivore Diet can help you build muscle & lose fat

You might be familiar with the Carnivore Diet by now. It's a zero-carb, all-meat diet that's been gaining traction in the fitness space primarily because it's just so simple: eat meat and drink water, and you'll lose weight!

According to Dr Kevin Stock muscle building is a slower approach than fat loss, even if you are eating only meat.

To gain muscle you need to eat a slight calorie surplus over time while lifting progressively heavier weights.

If you would like to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, it's possible if you are a novice trainer. For example, if you are a new lifter without much history of working out. Similarly, if you are overweight, lift heavy and follow a Carnivore lifestyle, it's possible to achieve recomposition, which allows you to build muscle while losing fat.

How to build muscle fast

To build muscle as fast as possible and gain strength, you'll want to lift heavy weights. You need to make sure that you're resting enough between workouts and getting adequate sleep so that your body can recover from the workout. If you're not recovering properly, then it will be difficult for your muscles to grow and become stronger.

Healthy fats are important because they help with energy levels, satiety (the feeling of being full), hormone production, brain health and more. There are some healthy animal fats that should be included in every bodybuilding diet such as beef, butter, bacon and eggs. Healthy proteins also help with satiety so it's important that they're included in every meal.

According to Dr Stock, the adequate amount of protein is 1g per pound of lean body mass, and focusing on quality proteins from red meat will provide optimal recovery and energy.

The best workout to build muscle

The best workout to build muscle is one that you enjoy. If you don't enjoy the exercise, then it's not going to be effective for you. You can choose whether or not to follow a specific routine, but make sure whatever exercise routine you choose works well with your body type and fitness level.

The best workout to lose fat is one that's consistent and will help shed pounds at a steady rate over time—not just when following an intense diet plan (which won't last). Make sure that if you're trying to lose weight, your workouts aren't too intense or strenuous because this can actually slow down the process of losing fat.

When choosing exercises for muscle building, look for compound movements like squats and deadlifts (that use multiple joints) instead of isolation movements such as bicep curls or leg extensions (which only work one joint). Compound movements involve more muscles than isolation ones do and therefore burn more calories during their execution—resulting in greater calorie expenditure overall!

Can you take pre-workout on a Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet is a zero-carbohydrate, high-fat nutrition plan that eschews all plant foods (even most fruits). While the carnivore diet is generally considered safe for healthy people to follow long-term, and once you adapt to using fat as fuel, you will have limitless energy and less delayed onset muscle soreness.

What to eat post-workout?

There is a myth that you need to eat immediately after your workout, but this is not true. While there is an optimal anabolic window of typically 30 minutes post-workout, you really don't need to worry too much about when to eat.

Following an animal-based diet will ensure you received adequate proteins, BCAAs and nutrients to optimise recovery and muscle growth.

So you can ditch the pre-workout and post-workout shakes, just eat when you are hungry, and eat red meats and plenty of fats to ensure a calorie surplus.

What should you eat to gain muscle?

The most important factor in increasing strength and muscle size is to eat in a small calorie surplus over time. Focus on these foods to get adequate energy and rich nutrients:

  1. Rumaninet meats, beef & lamb
  2. Eggs
  3. Bacon
  4. Butter...

It's that simple!

Bodybuilding Carnivore - The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that the Carnivore Diet is not just a muscle-building strategy. It’s also a great way to lose fat and improve your overall health. A high-protein, zero-carbohydrate diet can help you feel fuller longer, which means you can eat fewer calories while still feeling satisfied at the end of the day. If you want to try this diet out for yourself, start by eliminating all carbs from your meals until your body gets used to processing more protein than usual (this should take between 3 days and 1 week).

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