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Start A Carnivore Diet with Bulletproof Carnivore!

If you are on and off the Carnivore Diet and can't quite kick your food triggers and addictions, this 20-week program will help you transition to Keto Carnivore.

Start A Carnivore Diet with Bulletproof Carnivore!

What is Bulletproof Carnivore?

Have you experienced challenges or setbacks moving from low carb to keto or to carnivore? Let's face it, life can get in the way and eliminating trigger and addictive foods is challenging.

There’s good reason why it's so difficult! Many processed foods, even healthy foods are chemically engineered to create a dopamine response in our brain (you know that ‘feel good’ signal) and keeps us on the addiction path.

So how do we effectively eliminate so many addictive foods and live a life full of energy with food freedom. That's why Bulletproof Carnivore was created.

A 20 week structured step by step program to take you from where you are today to one of the following:

  1. Low carb: Under 100g carbs
  2. Keto: Under 20g carbs
  3. Carnivore: Zero carbs

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Do You Need To Follow Zero Carb Or A Carnivore lifestyle?

Keto and carnivore has become incredibly popular, for good reason. As humans we don’t have a biological need to consume carbohydrates for energy and life. In fact our brains and our bodies function optimally from fat for energy through a process called ketosis facilitated by lipolysis.

In addition there is a need for protein from animal sources, especially ruminant animals. Protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks for your body to repair and generate new tissues for growth.

So while lowering your carbohydrates is important, your personal carb tolerance will depend on your metabolic requirements and lifestyle.

Whether you choose a low carb, keto or carnivore lifestyle it’s important to focus on progress over perfection. The goal is lifelong health, longevity and looking great!

What Are The Benefits Of Going Keto Or Carnivore?

As humans we have evolved biologically with a very low carbohydrate diet this is also known as the keto and carnivore diets.

What are the physical benefits we will feel on a keto or carnivore? Based on numerous research and scientific meta analysis, the metabolic benefits are clear.

  1. Gut healing & no bloating
  2. Enhanced REM sleep
  3. Accelerated fat loss (source)
  4. More energy
  5. Reversal of type 2 diabetes (source)
  6. Eliminating prescription medication
  7. Improved libido
  8. Lowered blood sugar
  9. Increased mental clarity
  10. Reduced inflammation
  11. Heal autoimmune disease (source)

Why Do You Need Bulletproof Carnivore?

Bulletproof carnivore is innovative in its approach. Eliminating the most addictive foods one by one over a 20-week program. There is no hunger or deprivation and the Bulletproof method is simple to follow.

Eliminating your favourite foods may seem easy but there are neurological pathways in the brain that keep us chemically addicted. That’s why creating change, using the science of micro habits, where we change slowly over a structured program, works for lifelong change.

Micro habits is not a new concept. Made popular by James Clear of Atomic Habits, if you focus on just 1 thing everyday over the course of a year, you will get 40 times better at that one thing.

Once we eliminate foods one by one your palate will start to change dramatically. Berries for example will taste extremely sweet, and the need for a caffeine hit will go away because you are fuelling your body on nutrient-dense foods (as we eliminate the anti-nutrients).

Bulletproof Carnivore Program Rules

For the next 20 weeks, you will eliminate foods from 5 addictive food tiers until you reach the next phase, Freedom Carnivore.

There are 5 food tiers to focus on (as below). Start your journey where you are at.

  1. Grains
  2. Sugars
  3. Drinks
  4. Fruits, Nuts & Oils
  5. Dairy

Each food tier will take approx 1 month to complete. During these 4 weeks, we eliminate the least addictive food for 7 days and then move to the next until the tier is complete.

Once the 20-week program is complete you move to Freedom Carnivore, which is a maintenance program. Here you will receive a complete Freedom Carnivore Food List, sorted by the best carnivore foods for fat loss.

Coming soon: Freedom Carnivore Food Pyramid, Recipes & Meal Plans.

Food Tiers

Tier 1 - Grains

  • Rice (Brown, white)
  • Pasta (Brown, White, Buckwheat, Vermicelli)
  • Bread (Bagels, Toast, Wraps, Crackers)
  • Legumes (Beans, Pulses, Chickpeas)

Tier 2 - Sugar

  • Sweets (Cakes, Cookies, Candy, Dark Chocolate)
  • Sauces (Ketchup, Oyster Sauce, Mustard, Mayonnaise)
  • Artificial Sweeteners (Stevia, Equal, Monk Fruit, Truvia)
  • ‘Keto Approved’ Food (Almond Flour Desserts, Any Packaged Keto Desserts, Almond Milk)

Tier 3 - Drinks

  • Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails)
  • Juice (Orange, Green Smoothies, Apple etc)
  • Soft Drinks (Coke, Soda, Diet Soda)

Tier 4 - Fruits & Nuts & Oils

  • Seed Oils (Canola Oil, Olive oil, Vegetable Oil)
  • Sweeter Fruits (Banana, Pineapple, Watermelon, Apples etc)
  • Other Fruits (Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Oranges, Avocado etc)
  • All Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, Cashews, Peanuts etc)
  • Vegetables (Potato, Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips)
  • Fibrous Vegetables (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Greens, Tomato, Cucumber etc)

Tier 5 - Dairy

  • Milk (Whole milk, Plant-based Milk, Coconut Milk)
  • Yoghurt (Whole milk, Cottage cheese, Greek, Sweetened)
  • Cheese (All types of cheese)

What If You Cheat?

That’s okay (and expected!) it’s built into the program! We don’t call it cheating, it’s just normal behaviour. That’s when we press the reset button on that trigger food and eliminate that food again for 7 days.

Let’s Learn From Sarah: Her Journey To Zero Carb

Sarah started Bulletproof Carnivore in March 2022. Starting from a low carb diet, she started at Tier 2 - Sugar, as she was not eating any grains.

Let’s revisit Tier 2.

Tier 2 - Sugar

  • Sweets (Cakes, Cookies, Candy, Dark Chocolate)
  • Sauces (Ketchup, Oyster Sauce, Mustard, Mayonnaise)
  • Artificial Sweeteners (Stevia, Equal, Monk Fruit, Truvia)
  • ‘Keto Approved’ Food (Almond Flour Desserts, Any Packaged Keto Desserts, Almond Milk)

Sarah’s least addictive item was Sauces then Artificial Sweeteners and then Keto Approved Food. Note she was already not consuming Sweets.

So here was Sarah’s journey for Tier 2:

Week 1: Eliminate all Sauces from her diet for 7 days.

Did you cheat? No! Proceed to week 2.

Week 2: Eliminate all Artificial Sweeteners from her diet for 7 days.

Did you cheat? No! Proceed to week 3.

Week 3: Eliminate all ‘Keto Approved’ Food from her diet for 7 days.

Did you cheat? Yes, she ate a Keto Fat Bomb. That’s okay. let’s repeat week 3! Remember its progress not perfection.

It’s that simple. Sarah’s next step was:

  • Tier 3: Alcohol,
  • Tier 4: Fruits & Nuts & Oils, and
  • Tier 5: Dairy

For more support on your Keto or Carnivore journey, join the 5MB Monthly Carnivore Challenges!

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