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The Ultimate 4-Week Fat Loss Course
4 Weeks - 60 Lessons
Lose weight quickly & break through weight loss plateaus. You will learn the one simple formula for easy fat loss with delicious meal plans.
$100 $80
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What is included?
Weekly Modules To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal
Customisable Nutrition Meal Plans Every Week
Access To A Library Of 50+ Carnivore Recipes
Free Shopping Lists
Express Workouts
Ongoing Fat Loss Lifestyle Plan
Carnivore Coaching
Perfect for health conscious people who want to join online live classes and stay accountable weekly.
Carnivore Group Coaching
Support From Experts
Whether you're into Low Carb, Keto, Carnivore, or just can't resist those sugary treats, group coaching will help you get faster results!
$40 $32/month
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What is included?
How To Start Carnivore The Right Way
Carnivore Troubleshooting including side effects like constipation or diarrhoea, leg cramps, oxalate dumping, fatigue + more
New 30-day Challenges, ie, Fat Loss, Fasting + more
Guidance On Protein & Fat Macros For Weight Loss Stalls
Carnivore Expert Q&As, featuring Dr. Anthony Chaffee, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Elisabeth Bright + more
Private Carnvore Chat Group With 500 Members Around The World

Carnivore Group Coaching


Rated as the Best Online Carnivore Group to achieve your health goals
Dr Anthony Chaffee
Dr Elisabeth Bright
High Fat Carnivore Expert
Professor Bart Kay
Nutritional Scientist
Dr Robert Kiltz
Fertility Specialist
Dr Lisa Wiedeman
Carnivore Doctor
Coach Bronson Dant
Athletic Performance



Carnivore Group Coaching

GET 20% Discount

We have a wide variety of members, from beginners to 10-year Carnivores. We build long-term friendships and share what's working & real challenges so that we can grow together!

Learn more about the programs, Carnivore Connect events and this months speakers and coaches on the 5MB Club membership page.

This is designed for you to transform your health and reach your weight loss goals on the Carnivore Diet! With 24/7 support, expert coaching, and doctor guidance, you'll stay accountable, on track, and overcome any obstacles to achieve your health and weight loss goals.

From Our Members

Down 5lbs 2 weeks in. Incredible results!

Gianna Johnson

From Our Members

Great community. I love #5MBchallenge

Gianna Johnson

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Frequently asked questions

How do I join the monthly challenges?

Click the 'join now' button and sign up easily.

Is this an ongoing subscription?

Yes, once you join your monthly membership will automatically renew on the anniversary of the following month.

Can I cancel my monthly membership?

Of course! Your happiness is our priority, if you do not wish to continue you can cancel anytime!

How do I join the Discord chat group?

Once you become a paid member you will gain exclusive access to the #members and #mealideas forums.

Can I ask questions for monthly challenges?

Send an email to hello@5minutebody.com and our team will ensure your questions are answered in the weekly live meetings.

Can I recommend guest speakers?

If you want a favourite medical or guest speaker on the live meetings, send an email to hello@5minutebody.com

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