February 15, 2023

Top 10 Carnivore Foods on a Budget (Under $13)

Rina Ahluwalia

A free Carnivore Diet food plan for beginners! Create budget-friendly, all-meat diet recipes to lower inflammation and melt fat. These meal prep ideas are under $13.

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Top 10 Carnivore Foods on a Budget (Under $13)
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How can you follow a carnivore diet on a budget?

The carnivore diet is an optimal lifestyle whether you want to detoxify, reverse autoimmune disease or achieve a fat loss goal. In our modern day, meat can be quite expensive. So I have provided you with a complete budget grocery haul for your family.

I have listed the top 10 most affordable grocery items to feed your family for cheap!

Ground Beef

The most affordable will be ground beef. Now, especially if you are shopping at Costco or Aldi, you can find very affordable 80/20 ground beef, typically for under $5.99 per kilo.

Remember to always prioritise fatty cuts of meat on the carnivore diet, as this is most satisfying.

There are so many ways to prepare ground beef to keep it budget-friendly and delicious. You can find 14 simple ground beef recipes here:

Also, you can add eggs, bacon or even sprinkle some cheese on top of ground beef to make it extra delicious and to satisfy your family (even the fussy ones!)


Next on the list are eggs. I found 2 dozen eggs at Costco for $12.99. A pro tip with eggs is always to prioritise eating the yolks (you can even toss the whites). The egg yolks have all the nutrients including vitamins A, E, D and K.

You can make eggs in so many ways including poached, scrambled with smoked salmon, fried in butter and of course softly boiled.

Beef Brisket

Another great budget carnivore food is beef brisket. I also have a family-friendly beef brisket recipe prepared in the Sous Vide. Beef brisket can be as cheap as $10.99 per kilo. I made this for my family in Canada and it was a hit!

A pro tip with the beef brisket is to choose a cut with fat on top. This ensures when it is seared the outside is crispy with a tender pink on the inside.

Pork Ribs

Pork back ribs are another great budget option. They have a 1:1 protein ratio - very satisfying and tasty cooked in the oven.

Beef Flank Ribs

Beef flank ribs are an alternative if you don't like pork ribs.

Chicken Thighs

You can also opt for chicken on a carnivore diet. Always pick the fatty cuts like chicken thighs and drumsticks. Or even better choose the whole bird, you will have delicious leftovers for the family.


Now don't forget sausages, a staple for any carnivore breakfast. Super cheap and easy to add to beef - just read the ingredients list to avoid dextrose and fillers.


Apart from meat, you can also include dairy. Hard cheeses will be your best friend like brie cheese and blue cheese.


Finally, we can't pass up bacon, a cult favourite on the carnivore diet. The middle rasher cooks perfectly with eggs, beef, and chicken.

Carnivore Diet on a Budget: The Bottomline

Following a carnivore lifestyle has so many benefits, and it can be extremely affordable. Prioritise these 10 high-fat carnivore foods, and try the following tips and tricks:

1. Buy in bulk
2. Use tallow or beef fat for cooking
3. Eat once or twice a day
4. Eat the whole animal
5. Meal prep ahead

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